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What exactly are the recovery tools you’ll learn in rehab?

What exactly are the recovery tools you’ll learn in rehab?

What You Can Expect to Learn in Rehab When you realise that going to rehab is not just about quitting drinking or stopping using, you will begin to understand its true purpose, to make the changes needed to make using a thing of the past. Here we list the 10 major components of a successful treatment Help with thoughts & feelings | Healing trauma | Relationships | Boundaries | Self-care | Healthy routine | Relapse prevention | The 12 steps | Holistic tools | Asking for help Going to rehab gives you the opportunity to change your life and become…

Average residential stay in rehab

How Long Is The Average Residential Stay in Rehab?

How Long You Need to Stay in Rehab for a Successful Recovery If you know that you have a drink or drug abuse problem, often one of the biggest concerns is how long it will take to recover. Whilst this is a legitimate concern, your first priority should be conquering the disease, not putting a time limit on it. Attending a treatment centre like Castle Craig will see you be in treatment for a minimum of 5 weeks. The results we have recorded from our evidence-based programmes have shown that a minimum of 5 weeks in treatment has meant more…

How many people seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in the UK

How many people seek rehab for drug and alcohol addiction in the UK

UK Addiction Facts and Figures Who exactly goes to rehab and why (Figures include charity, local Government and NHS (2019-20, adults, non-private) Some addicts suffer from more than one addiction, ie opiates and alcohol Rehab is loosely defined as a resource of structure residential or non-residential care How many people request drug or alcohol treatment in the UK Over a quarter of a million adults in the UK sought treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. This is largely the same as in 2018/9. Approximately half were offered some sort of treatment. 90% of these patients were seen within the community…

What is crisis care and how to access emergency care for addiction

What is crisis care and how to access emergency care for addiction

Crisis Care & Emergency Admissions for Addiction An addictions crisis describes a situation where a someone’s behaviour exposes them to a greater risk of harming themselves or others through drugs or alcohol. You may have heard of this described as ‘rock bottom’. Their mental health disorder and/or substance abuse could have prevented them from being able to care efficiently for themselves or function properly within their communities. Anyone can experience a mental health crisis, at any time in their life. The crisis or breakdown may have been brought on by initial feelings of guilt, anger and grief – but whatever…

There Is No Rehab Centre Near Me, What Should I Do?

Finding a rehab centre is easy, but finding a world-class treatment centre near you is harder. So what should you be looking for? While there are many private residential rehabs in the UK, the number is still in the very low hundreds and they are mainly found in or around cities. Other inpatient NHS treatment centres are available, however, the number of these facilities is just as low and entry waiting lists are long. Although cities can be well serviced, outside of urban areas rehabs are thin on the ground. So what should you do if you’re in need of treatment?…

a day in rehab

How a day in rehab works, timetables schedules/structure

What A Typical Day in Rehab Looks Like Every patient is an individual and has different needs and requirements. However, there is common ground within all addiction treatment that can be incorporated in a ‘programme.’ When starting one of our addiction recovery programmes, people work with their therapist and consultant psychiatrists on their addiction and co-occurring issues that leads them to use or drink in the first place. Many patients have a dual diagnosis. This means they may present symptoms of poor mental health. This is also treated at Castle Craig. Our model is not a ‘one size fits all’….

I wish I knew then what I know now: a journey through rehab

I wish I knew then what I know now: a journey through rehab

When you are ill and in the throes of addiction, disasters seem to follow you around When you are ill and in the throes of addiction, disasters seem to follow you around while drinking, lying, sleeping, crying, using, shouting or simply blacking out One thing is certain though: you know absolutely nothing about getting sober.  Denial is something that therapists frown on, but for the active alcoholic, it can keep you and your addiction alive. “It’s not too bad, it will get better, she/he will fix me, that car/job/new phone will magically make everything better.” But it doesn’t, does it?…

Choosing the right rehab. Local nationwide or abroad, where to go for rehab

Choosing the right rehab. Local, nationwide or abroad, where to go for rehab?

Which where and why? Now that you’ve decided to get help for your drug or alcohol addiction, the next step is to look into the most suitable rehabs that can equip you with the right tools for long-term sobriety. City or countryside?  The type of location is often a personal choice. Some people find being in the countryside more relaxing, others want to remain in a town or city. It is important to remember that you only really leave the facilities during a stay in residential rehab to go to an AA or NA meeting. Recreational outings such as they…

8 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Rehab

Would you believe it if we said that Christmas is the perfect time of year to leave your family behind, forget the parties and gatherings and Christmas shopping, and Christmas markets and go to rehab? With Christmas being a nostalgic time of year steeped in tradition, spending the Christmas season in residential rehab to get sober and leave alcohol behind doesn’t exactly spell “festive” by many people’s standards. However, if you’re struggling with alcohol, drugs, or any type of addiction, it could be the best time of year for you to go for rehab treatment. Not only will you give…

Castle Craig Rehab in Sweden

We have opened a new office in Stockholm, Sweden. Its purpose is to provide assessments & continuing care for patients who have been treated for alcohol, drug & gambling addiction at Castle Craig in Scotland….