Confidential 24-hour Phone Line

Jillian Johnstone
Admissions Manager 
Alison Mills
Sr.Admissions Specialist 
Anne Goodall
Admissions Specialist 
Andrei Zamfir
Admissions Officer 
Alison McManus
Admissions Officer 


For more information about the admissions process, or treatment at Castle Craig alcohol and drugs rehab centre, please call our 24-Hr Help Desk (Confidential Phone Lines):

  • From the UK, please call our freephone number: 0808 274 6351
  • For international enquiries, please call: +44 1721 722 763 (normal charges)

We strive to offer as much information as possible over the phone at all times. However, please note that the level of information we can provide varies at different times of the day and week, according to the following schedule:

  • Monday to Friday, 5am to 10pm – We have a member of admissions department. Consultants and therapists available.
  • Monday to Friday, 11pm to 8am – Admissions staff manned by receptionist from 11pm to 8am. Consultant available to progress urgent admissions.
  • Monday to Friday, 11pm to 9am – Telephone receptionist and message service available.
  • Saturday and Sunday, 5am to 10pm – We have staff on duty. After 4pm a telephone receptionist is available. Call-back from admissions department available throughout the weekend. A consultant will be available to progress any urgent admissions.