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Choosing a drug rehab

Castle Craig have been treating patients with drug addition for over 30 years

What Should You Look for in a Drug Rehab Clinic?

Often the go-to choice to treat drug addiction in the UK, Castle Craig not only provide proven, effective drug addiction programmes but friendly help and advice whenever you need it.

If we feel that Castle Craig is not right for you, we are happy to recommend a rehab closer to your needs. Call our 24-hour helpline: 01721 728118 to find out if Castle Craig is the right fit for you.

We’ve created the below to make you aware of precisely what you need to look out for and be mindful of on your search for the best drug rehab.

If you have any questions or want to enquire about our addiction services here at Castle Craig, then get in touch here.

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How can you tell if a drug rehab clinic is good or bad? 

Each person in recovery has a different background, personality, set of circumstances, and specific recovery needs.

Therefore, we advise searching for a treatment programme that is compatible with your values and recovery goals.

Your best option is to find a facility similar to Castle Craig, which is all-inclusive and has experience treating addiction and mental health problems, i.e. dual diagnosis. Long term sobriety and happiness are harder to come by unless we treat both the cause and effect of drug addiction

What to look for in drug rehab?:

  • Reviews: What have previous patients said about the level of care?
  • Published success rates: Can your drug rehab share statistics on the number of people who have achieved sobriety with them? Here at Castle Craig, 7 out of 10 people get better.
  • Medical staff: Can you see their staff members and their credentials? When attending an inpatient facility, it’s important that you choose a place with round-the-clock medical care like Castle Craig.
  • Inspection reports: How is the rehab’s level of care rated by regulators? Look out for CQC or HIS and read their inspection reports.
  • Their classifications: Are they regarded as a hospital or a care home?

Make sure to check regulator reports

In the UK, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates drug rehab treatment centres in England and Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) regulates drug rehabilitation treatment clinics in Scotland.

The CQC conducts inspections and publishes its resulting reports.

They also offer resources to help you choose a care provider – all of which is available on their website. 

The results of our regulator reports

In Castle Craig’s most recent inspection by HIS, we were rated ‘Exceptional’, which means our services were found to be excellent and comprehensive.

The ratings are categorised as ‘Exceptional’, ‘Good’, ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’, and Castle Craig received the highest two gradings throughout the report.

Moving forward, we had no requirements or recommendations that we had to meet, which is a very positive reflection of the attitude, management and treatments carried out here at Castle Craig.

Beware of unethical referrals to drug rehabs

Some drug rehabs which are motivated by profits pay doctors, therapists and other referrers a substantial commission, based on a percentage of your treatment cost.

Castle Craig does not participate in paid-for referrals, and we make ethical referrals based on the addiction therapist or alternative rehab we recommend.

In some cases, seemingly independent addiction websites that appear in internet search results are owned by private rehabs.

Protect yourself from this practice of “patient brokering” 

  • Be cautious of free hotlines and helplines.
  • Ask referrers if they receive any benefits in exchange for recommending you. 
  • When considering a rehab, ask their stance on referral fees. 
  • Request an itemised quote, and feel free to question any unclear costs.

Need help choosing a drug rehab?

As a leading rehab, we know from speaking to thousands of patients how difficult their searches are in finding the best place to seek treatment.

Sadly there’s not a lot of knowledge in this area or much information – for many, rehab is something they thought they would never have to deal with personally, which means they don’t know what to look out for.

Here at Castle Craig, even if we are not the right choice for you, perhaps due to distance (we’re based in Scotland), we can help either refer you out to some of our other excellent drug facilities in the UK, or to other treatment facilities that are better suited to your situation.

Whatever it is, we’re here to help – all you need to do is ask.

    Asking for help is easier than you think

    Please contact me with more information about drug rehab.

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