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Dayhab/Outpatient Drug Rehab

PRO Pathway, which combines inpatient (three weeks) with outpatient online rehab (weeks)

Although we do not offer any other form of outpatient treatment here at Castle Craig, our London addiction clinic Catch Recovery does.

Outpatient rehab is less intensive and more affordable than inpatient care. 

Often more successful for mild substance abuse issues ‘caught early’, outpatient drug rehabs offer flexible programmes that work around a patient’s daily schedule.   More on Catch Recovery London,

However, they do not offer the patient ‘fully immersed recovery’, which means it can be more challenging to attain sobriety this way. In addition, life can still get in the way of recovery as each patient goes home after the day’s treatment.

They take place in the day, hence ‘dayhab.’ Patients can perform a job around Dayhab by either attending part-time or just in the evenings. Sometimes acting as secondary care, Dayhab is popular as an extension of inpatient rehab but within the ‘real world.’

Many patients have lost friends and jobs and cannot remember what it was like to function without drugs, so an extended treatment time makes sense.

The success of outpatient rehab will largely depend on how long you have been clear and how long you have been addicted to drugs. Which drug of choice also makes a difference, with Class A drugs being the least suited to Dayhab like programmes.

If you are worried about yourself or a loved one’s drug addiction and don’t know where to turn, please contact Castle Craig Rehab.

What Is Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation?

  • Typically with various outpatient rehabs, you’ll live at home and commute to treatment at a local clinic.
  • Outpatient rehabs often have more rigid structures and are hard to tailor to the individual.
  • Treatment is much more generic as the relationship between staff and patient is more transient
  • Patients come and go with more frequency than within inpatient rehab
  • Scheduled Individual and group therapy sessions are usually for a total of about 10 hours per week
  • As all patients leave the clinic or hospital at night, many therapy sessions are dominated by ‘what happened last night at home’ than deeper issues affecting addiction

Who Is Outpatient Drug Rehab For? 

Outpatient rehab is appropriate for high-functioning addicts who can manage the cravings and stressors they’ll encounter during treatment.  They can stop, but may find it hard to stay stopped. 

  • Aimed at softer drugs and more intermittent users who may be showing signs of addiction

When Should You Go to Outpatient Drug Rehab?  

If you have a drug addiction causing you severe problems, then any treatment is better than none. People do get sober within NA without access to outside therapy or resources. It can be done, but it is hard.

If you are offered outpatient rehab, combine this with NA or CA and use your GP for medication advice. It is very possible to recover from substance abuse with the proper home support and a caring understanding network of people.

How Effective Is Outpatient Drug Rehab? 

It is as effective as you make it.

In outpatient rehab, how successful you are depends on your commitment to consistently attending sessions, focusing on therapeutic work, and planning for long-term recovery.  It is hard to do.

However, some addicts might be initially motivated to get clean and begin these programmes. The reason they have a higher likelihood of relapse is because they are not separated from outside people, influences or triggers.  

If They Keep the Same Company They Did When Using, It Will Be Tough to Stop.

In comparison, inpatient facilities remove outside influences. Rehabs like Castle Craig use crucial therapy sessions to build up emotional resilience to triggers and teach coping mechanisms to avoid these upon returning to everyday life.

We would always recommend residential stays over outpatient programmes; however, we know and understand that some people cannot afford to be away from their families or work commitments.

A Programme That Combines the Two

We understand that not all of our patients can commit to five weeks in residential drug rehab. So we have devised a treatment programme that can make this more manageable and accessible.

Our PRO Pathway programme consists of three weeks at our facility and three weeks at home. With this programme, you can detox safely, go through face-to-face therapy and have a proper medical diagnosis. This forms a firm foundation for the online treatment section of the programme to take effect.

This way, we can get to know you to help you feel better.  After your three weeks with us, you will be able to return home with some newly learned skills and continue a further three weeks being supported and helped.

Ask us more about inpatient stays or PRO Pathway here.

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