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How to Get Into Any Drug Rehab

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Accessing private treatment: Admissions Process

Rehab is not just about getting clean from drugs. It’s about uncovering the reason why you turn to drugs to cope in the first place.

We undertake numerous mental health assessments. These ensure we can provide you with an accurate addiction-diagnosis, to help you understand your illness and how best to manage it.

We know the window of getting yourself or a loved one into recovery is often narrow. Therefore, our admissions process is simple and straightforward so that you can get into a safe environment sooner.

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What drug rehab involves:

  • Detox: For those with severe or chemically dependent addictions, detox is the first step before beginning talking treatment.
  • Therapy: Drug addiction treatment professionals use a selection of therapies to aid rehabilitation in both individual and group settings.
  • Recovery: We provide literature, lectures, educational talks, drug support groups, and meetings to fully immerse our patients in the recovery process by encouraging them to apply their newly learned coping skills.

We use multiple therapies like EMDR (to treat trauma/PTSD) and CBT (anxiety, depression/low mood) to combat negative thought patterns and beliefs. This is after a medically supervised detoxification process to ensure the drugs have safely left your body.

How to Get into drug rehabilitation

There are various ways you can access drug treatment which all depend on your desires and circumstances. Let us break it down into manageable steps for you:

Immediate admissions:

The fastest way to access treatment is by going by private. There are many advantages of choosing to go private over NHS funded treatment centres.

This is primarily down to the level of care, one-on-one time with medical professionals and being immersed in recovery.

When choosing Castle Craig, the admissions process is straightforward and there are no waiting lists.

  1. First, you will need to get in touch with us.
  2. You will speak to one of our admissions staff, who are great listeners
  3. We will touch on your goals and your specific situation to offer the right solution for you. This might not mean our hospital.
  4. If Castle Craig is suitable, we will then hand over your case to be reviewed by a consultant psychiatrist, who will follow up with you upon your admission into the facility.

Our expert admissions team will answer your questions and guide you through the admissions process. They can also help you sort out logistics, such as arranging transportation and payments.

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Through the NHS

A guide to NHS funding for addiction treatemnt

Waiting lists tend to be long. But accessing drug addiction help from the NHS is not impossible. However, it will likely take some time and will therefore require some patience.

Therefore, we would not always advise this route, especially in crisis care situations, however, you will have to ascertain what is possible and what is not.

Researching drug rehab on behalf of a loved one?

At this stage, you are more than welcome to speak to us here at Castle Craig so that we can advise you on the best next steps to take and give any intervention support if needed.

Sometimes, you may feel like your loved one desperately needs external help, and whilst this may be the case, your loved ones will need to decide for themselves.

Helping and convincing a loved one

Denial is an inherent part of drug addiction, and it’s sometimes difficult to convince our loved ones that they need help.

If this is the case for you, you may want to look into hiring an interventionist who can help motivate them to enrol in drug treatment.

 Waiting until your loved one comes to terms with their addiction on their own may mean missing opportunities to intervene when doing so is easier and more effective. 

Costs and funding

  • Insurance funding: Insurers who fund treatment at Castle Craig include: BUPA, CIGNA, Aetna, Geo Blue, Henner, Healix, Coventry Health Care, AXA Health, JSIS(Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme of the European Union) and others.
  • Private funding: Often, the quickest way to be admitted to rehab is paying privately. To join as a private patient, you can call the Castle Craig admissions department. Our team will be able to discuss the treatment programme.
  • NHS funding: In our experience, we have seen how difficult it can sometimes be to get NHS funding for residential addiction treatment. However, in many instances with the right persistence and patience, we have seen that NHS funding is possible. It begins with a GP appointment and possibly a discussion with your local drug and alcohol addiction team. It can take more than six months to access NHS residential treatment, so it is a long process.

Why Castle Craig?

For over 30 years, we have admitted privately paying patients to our alcohol and drug rehab clinic from all over the UK and from abroad. We realise that everyone’s needs are different, and we create individualised treatment plans for each patient.

Castle Craig is conveniently situated just 40 minutes drive from Edinburgh International Airport and Edinburgh Waverley train station and just over an hour’s drive from Glasgow Central station.

We are also within easy reach of Newcastle and Carlisle.

 We can arrange to transport patients to Castle Craig from any of these locations.

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