Amphetamine Induced Psychosis

While several hallucinogenic drugs can result in intermittent psychosis years after the individual has discontinued use, methamphetamine related psychosis is increasingly proving to be the most persistent and chronic drug-related psychosis due to the long lasting and sometimes irreversible molecular, structural, and chemical changes that meth can cause in a user’s brain.

Symptoms of amphetamine use and psychosis

Amphetamine psychosis can occur from the overuse/excessive dosing of any amphetamine-based stimulantSymptoms of withdrawal for amphetamines commonly include delusions of persecution and other pronounced forms of paranoia; extreme agitation; auditory and visual hallucinations; and strange beliefs.

Treatment for Amphetamine Induced Psychosis

People who are misusing amphetamines might show extreme sings of psychosis. They need specialised dual-diagnosis treatment. Due to the complexity of a dual-diagnosis condition, a residential rehabilitation programme is recommended for lasting recovery.

Castle Craig offers comprehensive care for dual-diagnosis patients in our Extended Care Unit. Read more about amphteamine psychosis and addiction here.