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Addiction Treatment and Alcohol Rehab for London, UK

Castle London

Castle Craig London

Castle Craig has been the UK’s leading provider of addiction treatment for 30 years. In addition to our residential rehabilitation clinics in Scotland and Ireland, we also offer diagnostic and referral services in London.

For our London addiction treatment patients, we arrange residential rehab treatment at our clinic in Scotland or Ireland coupled with a range of London-based services available including psychiatric assessment, interventions, aftercare planning and sober coaching. We have strong connections to highly recommended London based addictions professionals to bring the best service to our clients.

Visit our London website or contact us on +44 207 2626 351 to find out more about our services in London.

Services in London

Aftercare Networks

Upon discharge from Castle Craig Hospital, we provide London-based clients with a selection of recommended aftercare group and relapse prevention group providers, so they can attend weekly continuing care groups. As well as this we provide clients with a sponsor in the AA or NA fellowship to guide them through the early stages of sobriety and accompany them to meetings.

Addiction Psychiatrists

Castle Craig can refer you to a range of experienced addiction psychiatrists in London. Psychiatrists are able to provide the assessment and diagnosis that begins the treatment process.

An addiction psychiatrist most commonly provides services such as:

  • Diagnosis of addiction and other disorders
  • Medical Assessment
  • Referral to inpatient rehabilitation


Castle Craig London has a network of highly experienced psychotherapists in various locations in London, as well as around the UK.

Psychotherapy has a valuable role to play in continuing care after residential addiction treatment, and in dealing with family and relationship issues that are often part of the problems facing someone with a diagnosis of addiction.


An intervention describes a concerted attempt by healthcare professionals and family members to encourage an individual with addiction problem to engage in treatment.  Interventions can be carried out by a psychiatrist, or a mental health nurse, or by a trained intervention specialist.

If you are worried about a friend or a loved one who is not accepting the need to seek treatment, then Castle Craig London can refer you to a professional who can advise you further about arranging an intervention.

Recovery & Sober Coaching

Addiction is a chronic illness that is not cured’ once detox or inpatient treatment is completed. Rather, these (especially inpatient treatment) can put you in a good position to continue your recovery and lead a happy and fulfilling life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Recovery and sober coaches (or sober companions) are individuals who have at least several years of steady recovery behind them and can offer intensive support to someone who is coming out of treatment and making their way in early recovery.

It is important to note that recovery coaches are not associated with primary treatment of addiction. They support your recovery, help prevent relapse, build community support and work on life goals.

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