Are you a family member?

For families visiting patients at Castle Craig, the visiting hours are usually on Sundays from 1.30pm to 5.00pm, although in exceptional circumstances other arrangements can be made.

Patients may also make and receive phone calls from 8.00am to 10.00pm. Pay telephones are available for outgoing calls.

For more information on family visits, please see our FAQ.


Are you a Healthcare Professional?

We extend a warm invitation to potential partners, including Psychiatrists, General Practitioners, Addiction Workers, Mental Health Professionals, NHS Trust Members, and Occupational Health Practitioners, to visit Castle Craig and meet our team, see our facilities and learn more about our residential addiction treatment programme.

Why visit?

  • Experience our 12 Step therapeutic community – an environment is effective in quickly bringing about a process of change in behaviour & self-esteem and preventing relapse;
  • Hear about detox procedures and psycho-therapies and understand how all of our treatments tie in together and complement each other, enhancing effective and speedy recovery;
  • See our extended care facility for patients with complex needs or dual diagnosis – these vulnerable people benefit most from treatment that is intensive and consistent;
  • Learn about our vocational skills programme which helps get patients back into work and contributing to society.
  • Experience one of our complementary therapies and how they enhance the effective and long-lasting results of our programme;
  • Learn about our family programme and how we reduce the damaging impact of addiction for the whole family, helping to reduce pressure on GPs and mental health services;
  • Learn about our continuing care programme and how we support patients after discharge. Continuing care is provided at no extra cost.

If you would like to visit Castle Craig, please contact:

Victoria McCann
Communications Executive
You can reach Victoria on the main Castle Craig phone line or by email.