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Benefits of Rehab

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Start treatment sooner

Community care often involves long assessments and waiting lists. By entering residential rehab you can be supported as soon as you step through the door. Detox can begin immediately, and therapy is offered as soon as a patient is medically able. With a higher ratio of clinicians and therapists to patients, everyone is able to get the support that they need, immediately. In many cases, we can admit patients within 24 hours.

Get results faster

Being in an environment that is focused on recovery 24/7 means the process is much faster than in the community, where interventions may only be for a couple of hours a week. It also removes people from drugs or alcohol, so they can begin the physical detox faster, which allows them to progress to working on the challenging behaviours and thoughts which make them seek out drugs and alcohol. Bespoke and tailor-made treatment plans mean it’s possible to start work earlier – and go through the process faster

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Peer support

Addiction leads to isolation and recovery brings connection. Being in a residential rehab centre means there are always others around to speak with and spend time with, who are in the same situation as you. Having these conversations helps develop insight, offer encouragement, and are another crucial element of the recovery process. Many members of our team have personal experience of addiction, which helps them to provide the compassion and empathy we believe is crucial to long-term recovery.

Personalised programme

We believe behavioural addiction treatment is most effective when it’s customised to the person being treated. Some treatment is based on prescribed pathways rather than taking a holistic view of the patient and their personal difficulties. Being in a residential environment makes it possible for all aspects of an individual’s life and addiction to be addressed. 

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