No one person’s problems are the same

We treat each patient who comes here as a unique individual with specific needs and we ensure that their treatment plan is tailored to those needs.

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Our expert team work together to prescribe a personalised combination of medical treatmentsspecialised therapies and complimentary therapies for each individual patient.

The benefits of personalised addiction treatment include:

  • Targeted care – therapies designed to address the specific causes of the addiction can treat acute symptoms as well as help prevent relapse in the future;
  • Lasting recovery – specialised intensive treatment helps to produce lasting results;
  • Life skills – addiction can be a self-coping mechanism, we work with patients to develop other skills for coping more effectively and positively with difficult situations in the real world;
  • Quality care – our full-time staff, include Consultant Psychiatrist, doctors and nurses, provide holistic round-the-clock care to ensure patients’ bodies return to peak condition;
  • A chance for trust to build and a healthy, open relationship to form between the patient and therapist. This makes group therapy and individual therapy more effective.

Our full-time Consultant Psychiatrist and the focal therapist work with patients to create a personalised, comprehensive care plan 4-6 weeks in length. They thoroughly examine the patient by taking a:

  • Medical assessment,
  • Mental health history,
  • Substance dependence history.

We take the preferences and needs of patients into account and ask them to sign and approve the plan before commencing treatment.

Benefits of personalised care

All patients who come to us for help are suffering from an addiction and may have similar symptoms. However people are unique, their personalities and histories are unique so care needs to be personalised.

They may:

  • be addicted to alcohol or addicted to illegal or prescription drugs,
  • have eating disorders or be addicted to gambling,
  • have other psychological disorders.

In their past they may have:

  • lost a loved one and been unable to grieve properly,
  • been physically or sexually abused,
  • suffered from depression or other mental health disorders,
  • been in an accident or fought in a war and be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

They could:

  • be old or young,
  • be professionals from wealthy backgrounds,
  • come from dysfunctional families,
  • have lost everything due to their addiction.

We carefully apply appropriate and specific therapies to the disease of addiction and any additional problems that our patients are dealing with.

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