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Planning continuing care

It is really important for any period of inpatient recovery to be part of an integrated care pathway. Many people come from community-based treatment services before accessing Castle Craig (although they do not need to) and also return for further structured support.

Rehab is not the end of a treatment process. When people complete their treatment in rehab they can receive continuing care with regular remote therapy sessions via video conference.

You can also be guided towards continued, structured support from the healthcare system as you continue on your path to overcoming addiction.

This is all to help make sure you’re not suddenly overwhelmed, feeling you have to manage your addiction and recovery alone when you leave treatment. A key part of helping someone take responsibility for their recovery is giving you the confidence to know when you need support and how you can reach out for it.

Once you leave Castle Craig, you never need to feel alone in your recovery – you’ll know who to contact and how to gain strength from others.

You gain a comprehensive plan and pathway which uses the skills and coping mechanisms you’ve learned in rehab. Where appropriate we will involve family and friends, so you have a network of support when you leave. We have regular follow up appointments and can help with integration back into community treatment. 

We know recovery is a journey, and we do everything we can to support you through all parts of it.

In hospital everyone is in the same boat, everyone has shared experiences, no one is judging you. 

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    Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked | October 12, 2021