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Medically Managed detox

Photo of 6 of the medical staff at Castle Craig

Medical Staff

Castle Craig’s detox medical team is responsible for assessing and managing assisted alcohol withdrawals.

All 18 of our staff monitor patients in a specialised 10-bed detox unit with sufficient resources to help patients withdraw effectively and safely.

Our medical staff, made up of psychiatrists, doctors and nurses (general and mental), are all highly versed in withdrawal management and various types of detoxification and have specific experience in addiction and toxicology.

The difference in choosing a detox facility like ours means that in the case of symptom-triggered approaches, we can tailor your medication regimen according to the severity of your withdrawal or complications.

More importantly, the user’s physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms require regular monitoring and treatment. They cannot be ignored.

Detox at Castle Craig is not a question of ‘sleep it off’. It is a determined process to assist the patient in beginning their recovery journey into a life without alcohol.

Unlike many other detox centres, we provide round-the-clock observation and licensed medications to curb cravings and reduce the risk of relapse.

  • We offer personalised detox treatment delivered by highly qualified, medically-trained doctors and nurses with therapeutic support.

In our Medical Centre, Castle Craig has all of the appropriate arrangements to respond to any clinical emergencies.

What our patients can expect from our healthcare professionals:

  • An appropriate sustained therapeutic relationship
  • Assistance in helping to identify states where there is a vulnerability to substance use
  • Helping to integrate alternative coping strategies to triggers
  • Full access to a wide range of appropriate healthcare support and services
  • Our involvement in collaborating with a psychiatrist on the management and progress of your case

We follow strict NICE detox guidelines:

Our professionals and practitioners strictly adhere to NICE guidelines when exercising their best judgment.

What the family can expect:

Families and carers also can be involved in the important decisions around their loved one’s care and treatment unless the patient specifically wishes to exclude them. We also extend support to families and carers with literature, groups, and family therapy.

  • Offering the family an assessment of their personal, social, and mental health needs
  • Verbal and written information on the impact of drug use on the family and children
  • Specific information on the detoxification process and the settings in which it takes place
  • Offering information about self-help materials and support groups for the family or carers

Patient-centred care

Clear and good communication between our healthcare professionals, patients, and their families is essential for our addiction service at Castle Craig.

Our doctors, nurses and therapists follow Department of Health Guidelines to offer best practices in the care of people undergoing the detoxification process for alcohol and drug dependency.

All our medical staff have the knowledge and ability to monitor and recognise signs of deterioration in both a patient’s physical or mental health during alcohol detoxification/withdrawal and the know-how to go about reversing any medical problems.

The treatment and care we deliver always begin with the user’s needs and preferences.

Our addiction programmes will always allow the patient to make well-informed decisions about their care and treatment in partnership with our healthcare professionals.

All of our literature is culturally sensitive, and our detox process is appropriate to age and gender. It is also accessible to those with additional needs such as physical, sensory, or learning disabilities, as well as those people who do not speak or read English.

    Asking for Help is Easier than You Think

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