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There are many different alcohol and drug rehabs in Scotland and it can be difficult to know what to search for and even what to ask. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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It is important to choose a rehab that offers a recovery treatment plan that meets your needs and has a reliable team of qualified medical staff.

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Why Castle Craig?

Those living in Dundee, Arbroath, Brechin, Carnoustie, Forfar, Glen Clova and the surrounding areas may benefit from acute mental healthcare from Castle Craig located in West Linton. Castle Craig is just under 90 miles from Dundee down the M90.

“We are fully medically managed – Medical Director, Consultant Psychiatrists and a team of doctors and nurses.”

If you choose to have detox and rehab treatment with Castle Craig you will be in extremely safe hands. The experienced team of staff have treated 10,000 patients who consistently report their lives improving dramatically after their time with us.  See success rates.

Castle Craig has 37 years of expertise and a family-run ethos, compassion at its core and impressive success rates.

We offer a holistic, versatile approach to therapy where you can combine several different therapeutic methods from cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, family therapy and trauma therapy.

We treat a range of addictions including:

Castle Craig’s Team of Trained Specialists

We have a qualified team of therapists accredited with either COSCA (Counselling and Psychotherapy Scotland) Scotland’s professional body for counselling and psychotherapy or BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Alcohol Rehab

The 12 Step Model, provides the foundational framework for how we help patients deal with alcohol dependency.

This is one of the most world’s most reputable addiction treatment approaches for drug and alcohol addiction and we have seen it work for patients time and time again.

However, we understand everyone’s experience with addiction is unique and your programme will be specifically tailored to fit your needs including detoxification measures, length of treatment, what therapy you will attend, fitness programmes and your type of accommodation.

Drug Rehab

Different drug dependencies require different treatment methods.

If you have been using a harmful substance for a while, it is likely your body will have become dependent on it and you will need to go through a detoxification period.

Though many people fear this stage, with the right medical care it can be managed to be as comfortable as possible. It is best to go through detoxification in private rehab so that you can receive personal medical care if required.

Behavioural Addictions

Sometimes patients experience addictive behaviour that has a debilitating effect on their life from addictions that are considered ‘less severe.’ This can include, shopping, gambling, eating, relationships etc.

We understand that these vices can have a debilitating impact regardless of perceived stigmas. We offer treatment for Gambling addiction and Gaming addiction and many other issues. These issues are addressed through therapy that can help you understand some of the underlying feelings that may be triggering unhealthy habits that are hard to kick. 

Put Your Recovery in Safe Hands

Castle Craig is a family-run hospital and we are here to support patients for the long term – well beyond their time at our wonderful castle.

Our location is an additional benefit for patients, as they often find the peace and serenity in nature that provides the headspace needed to truly heal.

Many of our patients have high demanding jobs and family lives, so taking time for themselves in our 50 acres of private woodland often offers inspiration to recover that they may not have access to in their normal lives.

Now is the time to put yourself first, and truly heal for good.

Take the First Step Today

The first step to getting help is an assessment.  Call 01721 728118.

  • Telephone assessment takes 30 minutes
  • Completely free of charge or obligation
  • Confidential and understanding
  • Allows us to advise on the correct treatment plan including detoxes

If you choose to attend Castle Craig you would also undergo a consultation with a psychiatrist.

It is our staff who make Castle Craig stand out against other rehabs

Call: 01721 728118 or make an enquiry here.

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