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How many people seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in the UK
Castle Craig has one of the most enviable success rates of any rehab in the UK


Having so many therapies under one roof means every patient’s unique needs can be met. Having a comprehensive, varied, and holistic approach allows for patients with varied requirements to get a personalised plan. This is often not possible in other contexts outside of residential rehab.

A programme of clinical and complementary therapies for mind, body, and spirit, can also help success in long-term abstinence.

Therapists can work together to integrate appropriate therapies into bespoke treatment programmes which address each patient’s unique needs. These might include complementary therapy, experiential therapy, specialised therapy (which can address comorbidities), trauma therapy, and group therapy. 

Combining individual therapy with group therapy also means patients get personalised attention, as well as being able to support one another through peer discussion.

A comprehensive and personal approach will give patients a range of tools and coping mechanisms so they can continue their lives free from drugs, alcohol, and other behaviours. 

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