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Types of rehab

Recovery Choices

As addiction comes in multiple forms, so does rehab. The term is rehab is used to describe intensive, supervised programmes designed to help stop individuals from using drugs and alcohol – but there are various types, most of which are incorporated already at Castle Craig. 

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Residential/inpatient rehabilitation

Patients stay within a hospital or clinic for 28+ days to receive highly structured care.

Day-hab centres

For those who cannot commit to or do not require inpatient support. They are often 12-week outpatient programmes that run daily, Monday-Friday, 9.30 am-6.00 pm.

Executive Rehabilitation

They are designed for professionals and business people struggling with addiction that requires a higher level of privacy. More.

Recovery housing/halfway houses

Where patients live in supervised, temporary housing where they can undergo treatment programmes.

Secondary rehab treatment

Rehab is referred to as primary treatment. So secondary treatment is post-rehab. These are more informal settings where people are helped to reintegrate back into their lives but have the advantage of having support in the evenings and at weekends from trained therapists and counsellors.

12 Step addiction treatment programme

The premise of this addiction recovery approach relies on peer support to help one another achieve abstinence.

Therapeutic Communities/Christian Philosophy

Where patients undergoing addiction treatment guide new patients through daily programmes and offer mutual support. Incorporates religious, specifically Christian philosophy into the rehab process.


Allowing people with multiple different religious backgrounds the chance to use their faith to overcome substance abuse and addiction.

Personal And Skills Development

Educating users on healthy habits to make them more aware of the substances they put into their bodies and offers skills and tools for relapse prevention.

NHS / free rehab

It is possible to get a referral to Castle Craig via the NHS. It can seem like a complex system at times and will require some patience. Waiting lists can be long, and perseverance will be necessary but bear in mind that it’s essential to know your rights and keep records of your conversations. 

Women’s only treatment centres

While women-only drug rehab clinics are few and far between, they are not always what you would expect from an addiction clinic. However, we offer women-only therapy group sessions at Castle Craig to make you feel more comfortable, as we are aware this can be a requirement for women in certain faith groups. More.

Community addiction treatment

This is drug and alcohol addiction care from home or often in local clinics offering counsellors.

Online rehab

Online rehab or Teletherapy is a useful tool for people who are in a stable condition and do not require medically managed detox. Castle Craig provides an online aftercare programme for all patients that have had great results over the years. CATCH Recovery, London offers addiction online therapy in the form of online 1:1 sessions, group therapy, online family therapy and online aftercare.   


Rehab is not the end of a treatment process. When people complete their treatment in rehab, they can receive continuing care with regular remote therapy sessions via video conference. More.

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