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Women only rehab

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Women/Female Only Rehab for Addiction

Reclaim your power, increase your self-worth and be the woman you know you can be. Castle Craig is not a women-only rehab, but we offer women-only group therapy and are very aware of the different issues that can affect almost exclusively women.

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Our women’s alcoholism and drug rehab programme is not just therapy; it’s community. Adult women of all ages are brought together in a therapeutic community to provide a safe and supportive space to share in. We know that many women feel more comfortable in single sex groups.

Led by female addiction therapists, we use evidence-based therapies to deliver world-class therapies and treatments with impressive success rates amongst our patients.

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Women-only therapy

Women only group therapy helps address the social and emotional problems that are often connected and associated with substance abuse in women. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Stigma, shame, guilt and self-hatred
  • Low self-esteem, confidence issues and fear of rejection
  • The negative portrayal of women in society and media
  • Stereotypes and motherhood
  • Marital problems
  • Partner abuse and co-dependency

We know here at Castle Craig that it can be difficult for some women to talk about emotional pain and traumatic experiences in groups that include men. More on women-only treatment.

We also understand that for women of faith, this can also be especially important.

Our dedicated Women’s Group was founded to provide a safe and comfortable setting for women to undergo their recovery in a space where they can open up, communicate their feelings and share their stories, which might otherwise be kept hidden.

Our mission at Castle Craig is to serve everyone and make them feel as comfortable as possible when undergoing treatment at our rehab centre.

Benefits of women-only therapy include:

  • Non-confrontational, non-judgemental, confidential support
  • A compassionate environment with like-minded women, where they can share struggles, fears and anxieties
  • A safe community of women
  • Mutual understanding support
  • All-female groups provide a better support system to treat dual diagnosis disorders that women commonly struggle with, like eating disorders, depression, anxiety, abuse and trauma.
Kim Smith
Kim joined the team at Castle Craig in July 2021 as a Recovery Advocate. A former patient herself in 2019, she is delighted to bring her experience and passion into the lives of many women who suffer from the disease of addiction.

Your first few weeks in treatment

When you first arrive, depending on your condition and length of stay, you are likely to enter a detoxification programme for 3-10 days; this might be longer depending on your addiction.

Following this, our psychiatrists will get to know you through a series of conversations and assessments that will provide us with the information we need to provide a diagnosis and bespoke treatment plan.

Once we have put together this effective treatment plan to suit your specific scenario and needs,  you will enter a structured daily routine that aims to develop and refine you.

Our varied therapies, approaches, treatments and activities all come together to create an experience that builds and creates new, healthy, positive habits.

We dig deep into the emotional realm, which can help you work through the issues that prevent you from living a life of sustainable sobriety.

Following detoxification, the first couple of weeks in treatment is entirely focused on you and any family members you might wish to include.

Coming to the end of your journey, we will plan for the next phase of your recovery so that we can provide the best chance at continued sobriety.

How long is women-only rehab?

Castle Craig only offers 5-week residential rehabilitation programmes, as it is in our medical opinion and through research that we have seen any less ineffective.

Especially as true work and diagnoses cannot begin after a full detox, which can take anywhere from 7 days to complete. A detox will only work to get you sober; the rehabilitation work does not come until after.

Therefore, we have seen significant success from having a minimum 5-week programme.

Typical lengths:

  • Detox: 3-10 days (methadone can take up to 20 days, and Benzodiazepines can take 2-8 weeks).
  • Short stay residential treatment including detox: 28-35 days
  • Long-term residential treatment: 60-90 days

Here at Castle Craig, we have no limit for how long a patient wishes to stay. But, unfortunately, the recovery of more severe mental health and addictions can typically take longer to treat. 

It’s not just about getting sober; it’s about being a better version of yourself.

Drug and alcohol problems do not just appear overnight, and we know this and so do you.

The core root of your addiction is masked and wrapped up in horrible life events, traumatic experiences and environmental factors that have moulded you into the person you are today.

Abstinence may remove the substance, but it does not address the issue of why you turned to substances in the first place.

Whether it’s trauma therapy to help sexual assault or abuse survivors process and overcome their pain or CBT therapy to break negative thought patterns, our female therapists like Victoria Greenshields, who work in our women’s Serenity Unit, have the experience and skills to help you rise again. 

Let us help you build a life that’s so much more than the goal of just stopping using drugs and alcohol to cope.

Telephone 01721 728118 to schedule a free addiction assessment to begin your growth today.

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For how we can help you or a female friend or loved one, please telephone Castle Craig to direct on our 24-Hour Helpline: 01721 728118 or clicking here to arrange a free addiction assessment or here for more information.

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