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Rehab as a last resort

Alcohol Rehab - how to get the support and help you need

Does residential rehab work?

Yes, it does. There is a strong evidence base to support residential rehab as the most effective way to tackle alcoholism or drug addiction.  

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Residential rehab as a last resort

People often wait until the last minute until they look for help, often viewing residential rehab as a last resort. The thought of going to a residential rehab clinic away from your local area, the idea of being among others in a group or during meals, the financial commitment, taking time away from work or family can all provoke anxiety and cause people to delay treatment.

It’s a sad fact, but by delaying treatment you are sadly likely to keep drinking or using drugs for longer, increasing the damage to your body and relationships.

People enter Castle Craig with a host of physical problems ranging from cirrhosis of the liver from prolonged drinking to nasal problems due to cocaine or bladder problems due to ketamine.

A residential rehab clinic with a dedicated medically managed detox team is the best place to be if you have complications that could require medical attention.

Having access to skilled medical professionals in one place, 24 hours a day, is undoubtedly a safer way to go through the daunting process of detox.

In the long run, if someone goes to Castle Craig sooner rather than later this can save time and money, and a whole lot of health problems further down the line. Intense therapy allows you to target and deal with underlying mental health issues which may be blocking recovery and causing you to use alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. 

Community treatment is cheaper but is also longer and less intensive, meaning that outcomes can take longer to achieve, and the social and emotional cost can be greater. 

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