Enriching mental, physical and spiritual health

At Castle Craig, we believe that complementary therapies enrich your mental, physical and spiritual health and enable you to reconnect with yourself so you can build a new life without the need for drugs, alcohol or mood-altering behaviours.

Our complementary therapies include alternative natural health approaches to support mind and body practices. Complementary therapies are a part of individual treatment plans at Castle Craig.

We offer the following complementary therapies:

Participation in complementary therapies is arranged and incorporated into part of the patient’s personalised care plan. These plans and alternative therapies are used on the advice of our Consultant Psychiatrist and therapy team.

Our diverse range of complementary addiction therapies

  • Gives you new coping skills
  • Introduces you to relapse prevention skills
  • Improves your physical health
  • Improves your mental health
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Gives you a new focus in life
  • Supports your therapy
  • Uncovers new feelings and emotions within yourself.

We also provide Experiential Therapy allowing you to express yourself creatively, and without talking, which can sometimes allow buried emotions to resurface.

Evidence base for complementary therapies in addiction rehab

Mindfulness relapse prevention research

Yoga to prevent addiction

Art therapy group

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Freedom from addiction is within your reach.

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