At Castle Craig, we believe that complementary therapies enrich mental, physical and spiritual health and enable the whole person to reconnect with themselves. The aim of using complementary therapies is to optimise the mental, physical and spiritual health of our patients, so that they can continue their lives without the need for mood-altering drugs or behaviours.

Many complementary therapies include alternative natural health approaches to support mind and body practices such as acupuncture, massage therapy, homeopathic and naturopathic approaches.  These complementary  therapies may be included in our patients’ individual treatment plans.

We offer the following complementary therapies to patients depending on assessed need and availability:

Participation in complementary therapies is arranged and incorporated into part of the patient’s personalised care plan. These plans and alternative therapies are used on the advice of our Constultant Psychiatrist and therapy team.

We also provide Experiential Therapy allowing patients to express themselves creatively, and without talking, which can sometimes allow buried emotions to resurface.

Page last reviewed and medically fact-checked | January 27, 2020