We offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in a 12 seater hyperbaric chamber, located onsite. Clients of Castle Craig rehab clinic have used the chamber for a number of years to aid recovery from a variety of conditions.

The Benefits of HBOT

HBOT involves breathing 100% oxygen in a spacious, pressurised oxygen chamber. Breathing oxygen under pressure has many benefits, especially for people going through detox from drugs and alcohol, and during the rest of the addiction recovery programme. HBOT can:

  • Halve the symptoms of opiate withdrawal;
  • Help repair damaged bodies – the treatment increases tissue regeneration and decreases swelling and inflammation by increasing oxygenated blood-flow to damaged tissue and generating new blood vessels;
  • Help to clear toxins, which is important during drug and alcohol detoxification;
  • Help improve decision-making and controlling emotions by improving quality and quantity of sleep;
  • Increase stem cell production by 800%, these cells regenerate damaged tissues in the pancreas, liver and brain and other areas affected by alcohol and drug abuse.

Staff are fully trained to supervise conditions in the chamber; and the type of chamber used is so safe that it was deregulated by an Act of Parliament in 2008.

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Castle Craig is the first and only alcohol and drug addiction clinic in the UK to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an extra complementary treatment for patients.

Opiate Withdrawal

2016 HBO2T research study, funded by the US Government National Institute of Health, and published in the journal Brain Research, found that HBOT can halve the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. The lead researcher hailed the discovery as of “profound importance” at a time when heroin use has doubled among young Americans in the last decade.

Patients with Liver Damage

We hope that HBOT will be of interest to liver damaged patients and their doctors where standard treatment options are restricted.


We charge for HBOT as an extra on top of our addiction treatment programme and clients may begin receiving oxygen therapy after detox and providing they have sign-off from the clinical team.

More Information

Hyperbaric O2 Therapy Ltd provide HBOT at Castle Craig. They are a a non-profit organisation, providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy on-site at Castle Craig.

Alternatively, contact us for more information.