Castle Craig is a one of the world’s most renowned residential alcohol and drug rehab clinics and the UK’s only dedicated addiction treatment clinic with a 24/7 doctor and hospital standards. Since we opened our doors more than 30 years ago, over 70% of the patients that we have treated have achieved long-term abstinence.

We believe that addiction is an illness and strive to help patients achieve recovery through intensive, personalised programmes that facilitate the 12 steps, provide medical treatment, and utilise psychiatric and complementary therapies.

Our alcohol and drug treatment programmes have been carefully constructed by decades of professional and practical experience and are applicable to patients from all walks of life.

If you or a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction, we welcome you with understanding and open arms.

What We Treat

Castle Craig’s 4-6 week inpatient detox and therapy programme treats a wide range of addictions, including:

Our Treatment Model

The 12 Step Programme, one of the most world’s most reputable addiction treatment approaches for drug and alcohol addiction, is the foundation of Castle Craig’s programme. Patients are introduced to the 12 Steps at an early stage through group therapy and reading materials and attend Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Edinburgh or nearby towns.

Family Support

Family members of Castle Craig patients are invited to attend Al-Anon and Families Anonymous self-help meetings, which are held every Sunday at the hospital, as well as in most people’s local communities or online. Al-Ateen meetings, aimed at teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics, are also offered at Castle Craig. These support groups provide a chance for families to meet and share their experiences and problems.

Although the majority of a patient’s treatment experience will be based around psychotherapy and group therapy, the input of our medical team, led by consultant psychiatrists, is vital to our treatment model. A psychiatrist, nursing staff and general practitioner will be present at the hospital at all times.

The Castle Craig Experience

At Castle Craig, we understand that each patient’s experience and addiction is unique and tailor treatment programmes to fit their needs. Individuals admitted will go through a 4-6 week programme that has been personalized to their specific needs by our team of experts and involves a combination of specialized therapies, including:

Get Help for Drug Addiction Now

If you or a loved one struggles with drug addiction, getting help as soon as possible is critical. Trying to detox from drugs on your own is dangerous and doesn’t address the underlying issues of your addiction. A structured rehab programme that includes detox, consultant psychiatrist care, medical treatment and psychotherapy provides a good chance for lasting recovery.