Detox Therapy

It is important to start the psychotherapy gently in parallel with the physical detoxification process so that patients are embedded into their recovery programme and begin to form relationships with therapists and peers as early as possible.

We set a slow and gentle withdrawal pace from drugs so that this therapy can take place alongside detox.

How the Treatment Plan is Decided

Our Consultant Psychiatrist agrees the personalised treatment plans with other doctors and the team of therapists to ensure more than one opinion.  We discuss the plan with the patient and give them the opportunity to raise any concerns or questions.

Therapies to ease detox

We may use a variety of complementary therapies to help relieve the symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol and drugs:

We always stress to patients that detox is only the first stage of addiction treatment. Detoxification alone is not enough to stop the compulsion to use drugs and alcohol.  A combination of individual psychotherapyspecialist therapies (all monitored by our experienced and dedicated medical team) is necessary to assist a full recovery.