Signs of Drug Addiction

Signs To Look Out For:

Family members or friends may notice changes in the appearance and behaviour of a drug addict:

  • Has their behaviour or personality changed recently? Are they withdrawn, irritable, anxious, apathetic?
  • Have their eating habits changed?
  • Do they seem to be neglecting their hygiene and appearance?
  • Have they lost interest in activities which they used to enjoy?
  • Do they socialise with a different set of friends?
  • Are they running into financial difficulties?
  • Are they getting into trouble with the law?

Drug Addiction Recovery

Many who are dependent on drugs will require treatment in a residential rehab centre where there is access to 24-hour medical care, supervised detox and a daily routine of individual counselling and group therapy sessions.

You should consult with your G.P. and visit Narcotics Anonymous online. This self-help group which steadily grows in membership is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous but has a focus on other drugs of addiction. Your local Narcotics Anonymous groups can offer immediate help and support to persons who are addicted.

For information 24 hours a day on admissions and drug addiction treatment and support available at Castle Craig contact us.

Page published: August 7, 2019. Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked January 14, 2022